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Hello, and welcome! I’m Twyla Jones, a passionate photographer, creative problem solver, and your future mentor. Photography is more than a career for me – it's a way of seeing the world, a tool to express my observations, and a medium to capture the essence of a moment.

My journey began with capturing the intricate beauty of flowers and bugs, evolving into a fervent passion that led me from a pathology lab to a home-based career as a full-time photographer. As I refined my posing and editing style, other photographers began to seek my guidance. This marked the birth of my mentoring journey, a process I not only fell in love with, but one that tapped into my knack for unravelling creative knots and offering practical, actionable guidance

As a pioneer in emotive photography, I set out to do what photography educators should do; focus on the emotional connection your work creates. Because killer images are the first impression you make on a potential client, every post has to count.

And when you know HOW you want your images to make people feel, but not sure how to get there....

...I'm here for you. I'll help you create scroll stopping images full of emotion, so your photos sell themselves.

I've taught emotive posing and editing to thousands of photographers ready to connect with their work in a more meaningful way that turns their clients into raving fans....which keeps your bank account happy.

Your photography skills CAN pay the bills and I'll show you how.

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My mentorship programs are designed to help photographers at various stages in their journey.

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  • "One-on-one mentorship sessions tailored to your needs and growth areas"
  • "Guidance on the technical and creative aspects of photography"
  • "Insights into the business side of photography, including pricing, marketing, and client relationship management"
  • "Access to my exclusive resources, including posing guides, templates, and editing tutorials"

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