I'm Twyla Jones, a professional photo taker, mentor, and fellow voyager on this unpredictable journey of artistic expression.

I've journeyed to the edges of the globe, spoken at conferences internationally, and filled countless memory cards, all in pursuit of capturing stories that don't just speak but roar.

I'm in the business of creating images, the kind that punch you right in the gut with their story. No hocus pocus, no snake oil. Just raw, unfiltered truth-telling.

I've got a bag full of techniques and a perspective that might just bend your mind a bit. 

Meet Twyla Jones

Within the frenzy of the internet, there exists an oasis – the Emotional Storytelling community.

It's a gathering place for artists, a digital salon if you will, where we collectively untangle the knots of entrepreneurship, sip the brew of creative prompts, and co-work in a virtual embrace.

It's a place where the euphoric highs and disheartening lows of a career based on personal artistic expression meet the turbulent waves of social media, and instead of sinking, we learn to surf.

The Emotional Storytelling Community

Artistic yearning isn't just a fancy phrase.

It's a raw, gnawing hunger, a thirst for expression that rivals the pull of gravity.

And when you've felt that, helping others overcome it becomes an addiction of its own.

My job?

To SEE the artist in you, to help you navigate through the fog and into the clarity of your own unique vision.

The Vision

I'm no oracle, but I know this - if we're just repeating the same story over and over again with our art, are we really saying anything at all?

I specialize in creating unique, powerful, and emotive images that defy redundancy.

My approach?

Being fully present, inviting curiosity to the table, and letting creativity run the show.

From light to movement, from the body language that speaks volumes to the silent whispers of our surroundings, I find inspiration in the details.

The Approach

Creativity, in its purest form, is a rebellion against the mundane, a defiance of the ordinary.

It's not just about making things, it's about breaking things - breaking rules, conventions, and limitations to birth something truly extraordinary from the chaos.

Our tools?

The lens, the canvas, the word – all conduits for this beautiful disorder we call the creative process.

The Philosophy

Danielle Green

Twyla is full of light and magic! I’ve been photographing people for 6 years and I’m constantly amazed at how how she does it. She’s a remarkable businesswoman with a heart for education and I feel privileged to say she’s captured me and I’ve learned from her. Thank you Twyla for sharing your light with the world. 


-Christy Renee Vatter

I took her class on Click Photo school and I was HOOKED. I finally decided to book an all day mentoring session with her and it was a day that I'll relive time and time again in photography career. She was so down to earth, raw and real. She held back no amount of information from my numerous questions, nor did she make me feel for a minute that my own work was less than beautiful. I now not only feel like I've got a thousand tricks up my sleeve, but I've also gained a friend and beautiful soul.

"For over a year I had marveled at Twyla's gracefully captivating work."

-Lisa Beaton DiGeso

She is a thoughtful educator, and loved & respected by many many students. We have proudly had her teach our students multiple times, through our online retreats and resources, she is the epitome of a great mentor

"Twyla Jones is a phenomenal talent, and one of the kindest humans I have ever met." 

What They Say

The workshops I host are not your standard, run-of-the-mill, PowerPoint-filled snooze fests.

They're unapologetically intense, vibrant gatherings where you'll be challenged, inspired, and ultimately transformed.

We delve into the core of storytelling, the very essence of human connection, and the art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

After all, we're not just creating photographs, we're crafting narratives.

The Workshops

2023 Online Family Retreat

Finding Your Niche
Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 3-6 2023

Upcoming Workshops:

My store? It's not a dusty old curio shop filled with moth-eaten trinkets.

It's a carefully curated collection of tools to help you uncover your artistic voice and amplify it.

From presets to guidebooks to one-of-a-kind educational resources, these tools are the distillation of years of trial, error, and success in the field.

Consider this your personal invitation to plunder the treasure trove.

The Resources

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It's where I share the latest updates, musings, and a good dose of inspiration.

It's like a love letter, but without all the sappy stuff. Just straight-up, unfiltered insights from the front lines of creative exploration.

The Newsletter

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A burning desire to share your latest creation or epiphany?

Drop me a line.

Reach out, and let's see what kind of creative ruckus we can stir up together.

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-Mark Peterson

Extremely professional and always on the cutting edge of photographic education and creativity! Highly recommended to anyone desiring an incredible photographer who will deliver the highest quality in the photographic arts!


-Sarah Elizabeth Maverick

She has an amazing spirit, kind, gentle, yet strong. Great teacher providing free and discounted content during this rough covid 19 time. All around beautiful person.