Staying Motivated and Getting Shit Done

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Shooting images is often the part of photography that receives the praise and that photographers find the most exciting, engaging and aspect they are most drawn to. Then comes editing, which can feel daunting after shooting your heart out during a client session when all the alchemy of the elements is coming together. It’s these moments we may initially be excited to load the images into Lightroom and begin culling to find our absolute favorites, but time after time, we can find ourselves with an overload of images to edit with more and more shoots scheduled down the pipeline. It’s [...]

7 Reasons Why I Switched to Honeybook

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Being a photographer is a beautiful journey. As a fellow photographer, you understand the passion that flows from behind our lens as we take image after image for our incredible clients who trust us with their moments and memories. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve also learned the importance and value of an amazing CRM (customer relationship management) program. If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably came across my Time Saving Tools for Photographers blog post. I live by the tools I spoke of in this piece except one of them is [...]

5 Family Posing Prompts for Guaranteed Results

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Family poses are always a whirlwind. There’s such magic in the unknown of the moment and seeing how a family lovingly interacts with one another; their laughter, their embraces, their pure joy of time spent with each other. These emotive moments is what we, as photographers, aim to capture as a way to preserve their joy and tenderness in this exact moment of time. The other side of the unknown is the pressure of knowing if you’ll be able to seamlessly coax these bold emotions out of your clients to make the most of your session.   From showing up [...]

How To Maintain a Work-Life Balance

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As a photographer, we are more than just a storyteller and chaser of light, although our social media feeds and polished websites can give that effect. We are actually so much more. There’s the creative passion that feeds our souls, that causes us to create and connect with individuals whose story we become part of when we take their photograph, but then there’s… everything else… Aside from the photographer, we are also the entrepreneur trying to create a successful business that financially sustains us so we can continue to shoot. This entrepreneur title brings us the feeling of needing to [...]

Time Saving Tools For Photographers

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The life of a photographer can be filled with so many beautiful moments. Being selected to capture moments that will be looked back on for years as they become heartfelt memories is an honour we appreciate and don’t take lightly. There’s so much more to being a photographer than just photographing these special moments and as photographers, we know there are some amazing time-saving tools out there that we need to use to really streamline our processes so we can spend less time at our computers and more time behind our lens bringing life to the emotions that bring our [...]

Maternity Features | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

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For one week I asked photographers in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling to get creative and see what stories they could tell centered around the theme Maternity. We saw so much incredible beauty, rawness and emotion it was really difficult to narrow down a reasonable number of images for a blog post. So here you have more than your heart can take. It is my hope that this collection of incredible images inspires you to pick up the camera and document this incredible time for yourself or someone you know. Join us for the next round of features at Emotional [...]

Spooky Images Featured | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

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For one week I asked photographers in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling to get creative and see what stories they could tell centered around the Halloween theme "Spooky" We saw a lot of traditional spooky including costumes, witches and monsters and also an overwhelming amount of beautiful, haunting photography that I would love to print and hang on my walls. It is my hope that this collection of incredible images inspires you to pick up the camera this October and create a work of art for yourself! We are currently working on the theme ‘Haunted Light’ if you would like [...]

How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

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Instagram stories have become a beautiful way to share a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what life is really like behind the lens. As Instagram has become the dominating social media platform, it’s no surprise that Instagram stories quickly replaced Snapchat as a way to provide insight into our businesses and lives. With the recent addition of Instagram story Highlights, the rise in unique opportunities to use this feature to your advantage are starting to become evident! I’ve enjoyed using the Highlight feature to showcase the various aspects of Twyla Jones Photography as a business and who I am as [...]

Chairs| Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

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Jenna Hennessy Kate Cohen Sherida Rae Taylor Patrizia Iaconisi Jamie Carle Jenna Hennessy Sarah Elizabeth Maverick Abigail Fahey Melissa Runyon Suzy Raskin Twyla Jones Teri Ledgerwood Amy Taylor Anja Prins Angela Vann Bree Fiesen Paige Thomley Tiffani Danielle Twyla Jones Darla Winn Britney Holden Suzy Raskin Brittany DeJesus Dawndra Budd Jenna Hennessy Christina Biasi Cindy Johnson Cindy Johnson Cindy Johnson Cindy Johnson Bridgette Kluger Darla Winn Dee Harris Enya Van Autreve Evelyn Cirignotta Heather Koepp Heather Koepp Heather Koepp Jamie Carle Jessica Meyers Julie Crawford Kayla Mattox Kimber Lee Aden Kristina Borgstrom Laura Dittman Laura Elizabeth Wood Lauren Hodges Melissa [...]

Make Your Own Magic | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones Features

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Stephanie Cabrera Amanda Leann Canton Brittany DeJesus Cassie Cook Twyla Jones Josh Hartwig Kailey Nagymarosi Kinzie Tweter Leah Brown LeAnna Campbell Azzolini Margaux Lenee' Fischer Kate Boggs Summer Hughes Beth Cagnoni Beth Cagnoni Twyla Jones Billie-Shaye Harper Elena DiLauro Gonzalez Olimpia Maria Flis Lindsey Delisle Prosperie Sara Williams Kaili Echevarria