Serving as a Marketing Strategy

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Recently I launched my editing course, Embracing the Storm and as part of that launch we decided to throw in a bonus, the bonus was a 1 hour mastermind on marketing. When I was preparing material for the mastermind, I kept thinking about the marketing strategies that I have done in the past, what has worked and what hasn't. I was trying to figure out if I had one big piece of advice that I could give to another photographer that would really take their calendars from lackluster to booked solid. Of course, I have all sorts of little nuggets of [...]


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How I Worked Smarter, NOT Harder!

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How I increased sales and worked smarter, not harder, with Pic-Time A google search of ‘pic-time’ will lead you to pages on pages of photographers reviews on this marketing, gallery hosting and product selling workspace that seamlessly blends workflows with sales. While I, like many others, were skeptical at first, it turns out, I love pic-time, too. I’ve been using and loving Pic-Time for quite some time now (over a year, actually!) but I wanted to wait to devote an entire blog post of precious online real estate to this platform until I knew 100% that I wanted to promote [...]

Shooting in Manual Mode

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3 Steps To Become Familiar And Comfortable With Your Camera In Manual There’s comfort in having your camera in automatic. When you first take that dive into the deep waters of photography, there’s something that makes shooting in automatic feel safe when there are so many additional things to consider about shooting. Shooting in automatic is like wearing a life jacket-- it can help keep you afloat, but you’ll never deep dive to see the treasures that lay beneath the waters. Those treasures are finding your style, your voice and creating the work you’ve dreamed of. I’m sharing with you [...]

Top 4 Equipment Recommendations for New Photographers

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I remember what it was like to start out and feel lost in a sea of equipment. My first camera was a used camera I purchased online and it was amazing to start with. Like most photographers, we start with what we can afford and what seems to be easy to use and comes with a few recommendations. As I began to get comfortable with my camera, and as I began to push my creative boundaries with my photography, I decided it was time to put together the equipment I knew I needed to take on photography full time as [...]

5 Family Posing Prompts for Guaranteed Results

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Family poses are always a whirlwind. There’s such magic in the unknown of the moment and seeing how a family lovingly interacts with one another; their laughter, their embraces, their pure joy of time spent with each other. These emotive moments is what we, as photographers, aim to capture as a way to preserve their joy and tenderness in this exact moment of time. The other side of the unknown is the pressure of knowing if you’ll be able to seamlessly coax these bold emotions out of your clients to make the most of your session. From showing up to [...]

Why You Need A Community

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Wake up. Edit. Respond to emails. Keep editing. Deliver a client gallery. Respond to emails. Occasionally shoot clients and connect with other human life. Back to editing. The life if a photographer is one that is filled with more time on your own behind a computer screen than connecting with people face to face. The benefit of this computer-bound lifestyle is the ability to set your own hours and prioritize your personal life happenings, but it can also be...lonely. That's why you need a community. There is such a benefit to connecting with people in person-- to meeting other creative [...]

How To Level Up Your Client Communication

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Workflows. That one word has the power to impact your entire business.   No, I’m not talking about your editing workflow, or how to structure a session with your clients, I’m actually talking about your communication workflow. That is where the REAL workflow starts-- before the session, before editing, before delivering. The first time you begin communicating with a potential client your communication workflow begins. This workflow is crucial. How you begin to engage with these eager souls who reach out to work with you will determine if they decide to work with you. You can have the most beautiful [...]

When You’re Strange | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

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Aly Joy Nickerson Amanda Leann Canton Amanda Leann Canton Amber Armstrong Anca Clivet Ashlee D Wells Becci Ravera Brittany Dejesus Daphne Laput Darla Winn Dawndra Budd Dawndra Budd Dawndra Budd Dawndra Budd Dawndra Budd Dawndra Budd Heather Koepp Heather Koepp Heather Koepp Jenna Hennessy Jessica Miles Kelli Radwanski Leah Brown Leah Brown Lori Naumes Melissa Rey Ore Adesina Ore Adesina Sarah Sharkey Sue Sonnenberg Tayia Strain Teri Ledgerwood Twyla Jones Twyla Jones

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