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Last Updated on: 10/01/2020

?: I changed my mind after purchase, can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of immediate digital downloads, there are absolutely no refunds once the purchase is made.

?: How do I download my presets?
The download link appears on the screen immediately after check out. 

?: How do I install presets?
Each preset pack comes with a guide - we're working on updating those, so in the meantime, you also head straight over to Adobe's instructions if you're having trouble.

?: When I apply a preset to my image, it doesn't look like the example - why?
As with all presets, these are meant to be used by someone who is familiar with Lightroom and using presets. These presets may require adjustments depending on your lighting and shooting style. You will need to know how to adjust according to the white balance, shadows and exposure and an understanding of how Lightroom works is critical to the success of these presets. 

?: What are Templates?
Templates are guides to help you with client communication, planning sessions, and more. They're fully customizable to your business - we provide the example and inspiration, so you can apply it to your own needs.

?: How do I login to a course I've purchased?
All courses on Teachable are available here:

Unless otherwise noted, all presets are strictly for usage in Adobe Lightroom. Presets are guaranteed to work in Lightroom CC v. 3.0 and newer, and Lightroom Classic CC v. 8.0 and newer - they may work in older versions, but because of frequent updates made by Adobe, we cannot guarantee that. 

Templates are provided as Photoshop .psd and/or .png files (as noted). You must have a working knowledge of Photoshop in order to use all of my templates. All customization is done by the purchaser, not the seller.
Templates can be used an unlimited amount of times. Each layer is completely customizable, so you can easily change the colors, text, and images

Artwork and Images used in all of my templates are copyrighted and belong to Twyla Jones Photography - to use these templates in your own business, you will need to switch out template images for your own.

Other questions? Please contact