Transformational one on one mentoring sessions are one my favorite things to do as a photographer. I remember what it was like to lack confidence in the work I was producing, thinking no one wants the kind of work I long to produce. The day I committed to sticking to what my innermost being was calling me to do was the day I defined my style and began producing work unlike anyone else. Only you can create the images you feel in your soul. I’m here to get that spark out of you.

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The Podcast

Emotional Storytelling

A podcast for photographers I like to record during nap time to educate and delight with some of the most inspiring and brilliant minds in the photography industry. 

Grab a coffee, open your Lightroom, and tune in each week as I share stories and strategies from creative masterminds for thoughtful photographers. We discuss where we find inspiration and how that manifests in our work as well as all the best ways to stay motivated and productive while running your own business.

Filmmaking for Photographers with Sarah Kreig

Infusing creativity and storytelling into your photography with Rafal Bojar

Top Tools and Tech for Photography Innovation with Sam Hurd

Using Instagram authentically to convert fans to clients with Nicole Ashley

Getting out of Your Create Rut with
Fer Juaristi

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