you're producing work others 

enjoy but does something  

feel like it's missing?

You have the skills to technically create a shot… but you’ve lost touch with your voice– that inner knowing and intuition that helps you create inspired art that makes you passionate about photography.

You feel like you're using the same poses over and over

Your work is starting to look a lot like the rest of the work in your feed

You don't feel confident in the content you're creating

You feel like you're just adding to the noise of social media

This game changing guide and workbook includes:

Self Development Exercise

Getting in touch with your true inspiration

Challenge: Create a voice board

Plan and photograph your dream shoot

Learn to recognize beauty in all it's forms

Journaling for inspiration

Recognizing the beauty in YOU

Mini shoot without prompts!

Recreating Magic

Planning a Magic Morning

Identify and Overcome your fears