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You have the skills to create a technically perfect shot… but you’ve lost touch with your voice– that inner knowing and intuition that helps you create inspired art that makes you passionate about photography.

You feel like you're using the same poses over and over

Your work is starting to look a lot like the rest of the work in your feed

You don't feel confident in the content you're creating

You feel like you're just adding to the noise of social media

This game changing course includes:

Self Development Exercises

Live discussions and interactive feedback

Getting in touch with your true inspiration

Challenge: Create a voice board

Plan and photograph your dream shoot

Learn to recognize beauty in all it's forms

Journaling for inspiration

Recognizing the beauty in YOU

Mini shoot without prompts!

Recreating Magic

Planning a Magic Morning

Identify and Overcome your fears

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Finding Your Voice is broken down into 7 modules, which we will cover over 4 weeks. 

Are you ready to change how you see everything?

All course material - including videos, worksheets, text, and images, are available online.


What do you want to say? And how do you want to say it?

It’s not that you necessarily ever LOST your voice - but maybe you’ve changed, evolved, grown, and just aren’t even sure who you are anymore. Maybe you never were certain that you knew your why, but you know you definitely don’t now.

We’re going to dig deep, through words, videos, photos, conversations, to discover how to set flame to the barely burning sparks inside of you. We’ll ask you to sit with the uncomfortable questions, so we can find the authentic answers.

and so we begin


When you find something that inspires you, that’s really your inner voice speaking up saying ‘Yes! This is the direction where you’ll find your potential! This is the direction that you should go to uncover the depths of your creativity!”

What inspires you is not an accident. What inspires you is a pull towards where you can create from the wild within to create work unique to you.

We’re going to expand our horizons, curate our visions, to spur on our creativity and move along in our journey.

let your voice speak


Sometimes we only find clarity when we know we’re out of chances, or out of choices. We get locked into the expected, into the routine, and play it safe.

What if you had to shake things up? What if you were moving across the country tomorrow and this was your last chance to photograph in that amazing place you drive past every day and just haven’t made time for? What if you’re too afraid that all of your clients only want one thing, and if you change things, they’ll leave?

What does your heart truly want? Let’s find it, and change your approach. 

shoot like it's your last


When you go out for a session, are you just following a recipe to get your standard results, or are you feeling inspired and excited?

Do you worry more about what you’ll be able to deliver to clients than about creating authentic connections?

So often, this comes down to confidence, and we’re going to make sure you find it, and realize how very capable you are of conjuring and capturing beautiful moments anytime. 

find your confidence


How often do you slow down and make time for the little moments of love and beauty?

When was the last time you really breathed in the scent of your own child’s hair when you kissed them on the forehead, or appreciated the way your partner’s hand fits just so in the small of your back?

If you’re not engaging in those fleeting moments of interaction that breed connection then you’re missing the point of life itself. Find intentional connections in your own life, notice the impact, and then see how every one of those tiny touches affects your work.  

the everyday alchemy


What you mostly notice and are drawn to is your voice gaining volume. It’s time to listen to it. Tune in.

What emotions do you want to evoke in your images? What are some ways you might be able to direct and prompt authentic actions that give you the results you’re dreaming of?

There’s immense power in recreating scenes and feelings that move you, to help empower you to create similar feelings on your own.

We’ll explore what you're drawn to, and help you create it. 

the big screen


Fear is the biggest voice killer.

All of the “What Ifs…” beat you down, and make you unsure of yourself, and whisper that maybe no one will like your vision, and there’s no way you’ll be successful if you try to stay true to your voice.

We told you we’d dig deep, and here, we will. We’ll identify, confront, and face fears, reimagining it all to get to a point of embracing growth and courage.  

creativity takes courage

Top FAQs

Sure! If you want more interaction and more goodies, you can upgrade at any time during the first month of the course, for $150, and you’ll get all of the extra materials. Just send an email to if you’re interested.

You will receive an email with a link to join, a week or so before the course begins. There will be a couple of questions to answer to verify that you are enrolled, and then we’ll get started!

The course is delivered online. The course has video content, reading material and worksheets included.

Finding Your Voice launches on December 15, 2020, and the private Facebook group and Zoom calls will run until January 15, 2021. The materials online will be accessible indefinitely, so you can revisit or learn at your own pace for as long as you need!

Investing in your business is scary, but don't let that fear hold you back. I can speak from experience: when I invest in my business, it always pays off.