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Say goodbye to posing and say hello to trusting your inner wisdom to direct with prompts into authentic interaction. 

We'll cover:

Where I look for inspiration for beautiful, emotive and authentic moments

How I use storytelling during my sessions to engage my clients

Prompts that actually work instead of poses

How to capture the story unfolding as I direct the session

This simple, but revolutionary course will walk you through:

Posing Prompts that work

Session Preparation Advice

Interactive exercises and challenges

How to find Connection

Finding your Guiding Principles

Journaling for Inspiration

Overcoming Hesitation

Emotive Prompting

Setting the Scene for Magic

Identify and Overcome your fears

How I prepare myself and my clients to make the process virtually effortless on the day of the shoot

Emotive Posing is broken down into 5 modules

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Say goodbye to posing and say hello to trusting your inner wisdom to direct with prompts into authentic interaction.

We will cover where I look for inspiration for these beautiful, emotive and authentic moments, how I storytell during my sessions to engage my clients, the prompts I actually use which work and how to capture the story unfolding as they simply move through the process and how I allow my clients the space for being themselves to capture genuine moments of expression.

We'll also start the process of journaling to gain clarity on what our authentic vision is, and where we want ourselves and our work to go.

You Better Work


Prompting your clients into emotive scenarios doesn’t necessitate barking out a stream of directives before each new pose or pairing.
Often, setting the groundwork properly, and putting clients in the right frame of mind before a session, is much more effective at creating a stream of special interactions.

We’ll dig into preparing clients, but even more, preparing yourself - coming at a session in the right mindset, with the right mental tools ready.

We’ll help you overcome your hesitation to direct your clients, and teach you how to create beautiful stories in each session. You’ll finish feeling confident that you can create magic and capture emotion anytime, anywhere. 

How about some Guiding Principles


This is a course about posing! Why are we talking about client wardrobe and communication?

A crucial aspect of feeling free to guide families with emotive prompts and remaining as in the moment as possible to capture those small moments is to prepare before the session.

The time and thought you put into preparing your clients (and yourself), will ensure you are able to create the magical, timeless images you dream of.

Curating the Experience


Effortless and authentic posing does NOT mean going in without a plan. You’ll still want to think about all of the possible pairings and prompts to ensure that each relationship has a moment of focus where you can be intentional behind your lens, capturing the authentic engagement of the pair.

We’ll discuss prompts for various groupings and children of all ages, to help you connect with the emotions you wish to capture, and to ensure everyone is at ease and in the moment.

Being acutely aware of the connections we have with each other will help you to guide your clients into situations where these connections are allowed to unfold organically.

We’ll discuss different types of connections, and how recognizing and creating situations to allow them to happen will help you capture those magical moments that everyone wants to remember. 

Making the Magic


Walk with me through my thought process, as I talk through and show you several different scenarios. You’ll see how I interact with clients, how I direct some of them and others I just let do their own thing (within the scenario I’ve carefully crafted to elicit opportunities for connection and emotion). 

Bringing it All Together