Learn to create powerful images

filled with emotion and depth


 Artists do this funny thing.

We take something we love, monetize it, and share it with others.

From here, it's easy to start creating to impress an invisible audience and confuse arbitrary like counts as a metric for what our art is supposed to look like to find success.

Next thing you know we're running on a hamster wheel churning out work we don't even like and stressed about content planning to reach more clients to hire us to make MORE work we don't like so we can continue uploading it into an endless scroll of sameness.

     • Do your bones actually ache to create something that takes your breath away?
     • Feel like you're overwhelmed with creating work you don't even care about?
     • Are you yearning to create images that feel uniquely yours and stand out from the rest?
     • Tired of scrolling feeds looking for inspiration but flare up your imposter syndrome instead?
     • Do you attract clients that just want to pose and smile at the camera and tell YOU what to do at the shoot?

These feelings of creative desperation mean you are at the very cusp of transformation and I'm not letting you get stuck there.

Thankfully, that's not our path and if the following questions resonate we have a walk to take together.

My approach to photography, creativity and posing is designed to connect you to a knowing deep within that empowers you to bring that heavy stirring in your chest to life.

I created this course to share my methodology to teach you to combine mood, atmosphere and the essence of YOU to create an emotional aura around your work that is unmistakably yours.

We'll cover:

     • Where I look for emotive inspiration, how I take action and transform it.
  • How I communicate with clients before the photography session to gain creative trust, style wardrobe, and set expectations for a more effortless photoshoot.
     • Posing prompts and direction that channel more emotion from anyone
     • Flexible posing flows and frameworks that allow you to be fully present in the moment
     • The art of faking it when the connection feels forced
     • How to tweak any pose to intensify emotion and connection
     • Strengthening your storytelling ability
     • How to discover your unique style of creativity

Along with a month of daily prompts and discussions, you'll get 8 additional weeks of access to a private online community, where we'll hold discussions, critiques, and you'll have ongoing support from your peers to make sure you are able to put everything you've learned into action!

Emotive Posing is broken down into 5 modules

Are you ready to change how you see everything?

All course material - including videos, worksheets, text, and images,
are available online.


Say goodbye to posing and say hello to trusting your inner wisdom to direct with prompts into authentic interaction.

We will cover:
     • Where I look for inspiration to create raw, emotive moments.
     • How I follow through on inspiration sparks to create original work.
     • How I infuse storytelling into my sessions to engage clients.
     • The prompts I actually use to create connections.

You will also start the process of journaling to gain clarity around your creative vision and purpose.

The Muse


The Art of Noticing

Effortless and authentic posing does NOT mean going in without a plan. You’ll still want to think about all of the possible pairings and prompts to ensure that each relationship has a moment of focus where you can be intentional behind your lens and capture authentic engagement and connection.

Being acutely aware of the connections we have with each other will help you to guide your clients into situations where these connections are allowed to unfold organically.

We’ll discuss:
     • Prompts for various groupings from single subjects to families and children of all ages
     • How to visualize and direct for the emotions you wish to capture
     • How to ensure everyone is at ease and in the moment
     • The art of noticing
     • How to foster an environment that encourages connection without direct prompts from you


This is a course about posing! Why are we talking about client wardrobe and communication?

A crucial aspect of feeling free to guide clients into emotive scenarios while remaining as in the moment as possible is to prepare before the session.

The time and thought you put into preparation ensures you all share the same vision and can collaborate to bring it to life with a lot less stress.

Learn how I:
     • Communicate with clients to gain creative trust
     • Style the session for impact
     • Manage expectations for a more effortless photoshoot

Curating the Experience


Power of Mindset

Prompting your clients into emotive scenarios doesn’t mean mechanical posing and reading from a list of poses you prepared beforehand. If you set the groundwork properly, and get your clients in the right frame of mind before a session, you'll be more effective at creating a flow of connections.

We'll dig into:
     • Mindset and mental tools to overcome hesitation to direct
     • Strengthen confidence in your abilities and vision
     • Learn how to create beautiful stories in each session

You’ll finish feeling confident that you can create magic and capture emotion anytime, anywhere.


I'm going to take you on a stroll through my brain. Join me as I talk you through my thought process and you'll see how I:
     • Anticipate emotive scenarios
     • Find inspiration in my environment
     • Plan, direct and prompt the flow of the shoot in the moment

You'll see there is no room for a shot list as inspiration floods in and every moment inspires the next. We'll explore the art of building connections over and over again and how to make the most of every scenario to capture a wide variety of emotions and unique shots from the same pose.

You’ll see how I interact with clients and how my approach changes based on what the client needs to hear to help me fulfill my vision.

Brain Tour


It's important for you to understand the value of everything offered in this program. This value is the best estimate I can offer as none of these are trainings you can purchase separately.

Live Calls with Twyla

($2,000 value)

Ask me questions, bring me your struggles and I'll answer them all via discussions and screenshare new tutorials in our private group and on Zoom.

A Helpful Community


Connect with and get feedback from with other photographers that are just as passionate about a good edit as we are!

Image Critiques & Reviews

($1,500 value)

Refine your vision and techniques with the opportunity for individual image reviews and feedback. 

Total Emotive Posing Value $9,579+

Total Emotive Posing Investment Only $400

A Helpful Community


Connect with and get feedback from with other photographers that are just as passionate about a good edit as we are!

My Exclusive Training

($6,000+ value)

This five module training has taken years to learn, hone in, refine and package up for you to reference over and over again. To receive this much information in a mentor session would cost thousands from any educator.

Client Guides & Questionnaires

($79 value)

Elevate your client preparation and experience with these amazing guides, included free in this course!

One week prior to the start of the course, participants will be invited to our custom built community site to start interacting and for a week of onboarding - lessons and tips that will allow you to get into the right mindset and best enable you to succeed in this course (and to define what success means to you).

Starting January 15, 2022, we will have two live calls a week, plus ongoing interaction in our online community.
Participants will be encouraged to complete daily assignments, to interact with each other, and to really examine their dreams, their workflow, and their vision, to make it all come together.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have a solid workflow and knowledge for creating moving, emotive images in any situation. You will have ongoing access to the exclusive community group for 12 weeks total, to ensure that you are able to continue to develop successful routines, and also create lasting relationships.

Not just a course: a Community

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Top FAQs

Do you ever struggle during your sessions, feeling like you're forcing clients into awkward poses? Do you wish you had a better flow, so you could capture more authentic moments, rather than just a checklist from Pinterest? Do you wish you had more confidence and could be in the moment more than worrying about whether you got The Shot? If any of this rings true, even a little, this course is for you.

You will receive an email with a link to join, a week or so before the course begins. 

The course is delivered online, via Teachable. The course has video content, reading material and worksheets included. We also have a private community site where we'll be hosting discussions and critiques.

The course starts on January 15, 2022! We will have daily prompts and discussion topics in our exclusive community group for 4 weeks, and then ongoing access to the community and course materials through April 15, 2022.

Investing in your business is scary, but don't let that fear hold you back. I can speak from experience: when I invest in my business, it always pays off.