January 31, 2020 & February 1st, 2020

Are you ready to break the self-imposed boundaries on your photography? Are you ready to explore your innate creativity in a safe and encouraging space? Are you ready to build your intimate portrait portfolio with images that feel authentic to you as a photographer– your voice, your passion and the work you want to create for your clients?

Join Twyla Jones and Teri Hofford in Fort Pierce, Florida for Unfu*nk Yourself; a two-day workshop taking place on January 31 and February 1st, 2019, that will challenge and break down the barriers you have set up around yourself and your photography so you can feel free to create the work that lets your creativity and inspiration run free.

This two-day workshop is unlike any workshop you have attended before. Emotive and empowering photographers Twyla Jones + Teri Hofford will be sharing, teaching and photographing alongside you to give you an authentic look at the work they create, their heart behind it, and how you can begin to create work that makes you feel passionate about your calling as a photographer. The weekend will include a styled beach session at Twyla’s favorite beach, shooting with Teri around Twyla’s home including her gorgeous pool, shower and backyard, empowering conversation surrounding voice, creativity and boundaries and an unraveling of what you’ve come to learn and find acceptable.

Unfu*nk Yourself is going to challenge you, inspire you and make you a better photographer. It will showcase what radical expression and self-acceptance looks like and you will leave passionate about creating purposeful work when you return home.

who is this workshop for

  • Photographers looking to build their portrait portfolio
  • Photographers who are in a creative slump and need to be rejuvenated
  • Photographers looking to explore their voice
  • Photographers who want to explore breaking their own self-imposed boundaries to create work that makes them come alive
  • Photographers looking for a safe space to explore their creativity without judgement or shame
  • Photographers who want to dive deeper than camera settings and editing workflows to get to the heart, soul and voice of their photography

the instructors

what is included

  • 2 full days together filled with instruction style workshops, photo sessions, food, laughter, guidance, acceptance and love, all in an environment that will stir your soul and bring you out of your creative rut.

  • 1 styled beach couples session

  • Sunrise beach branding & headshot shoot
  • Endless encouragement from Twyla, Teri and your peers
  • Acceptance for ALL people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, size, ability or lifestyle.
  • Access to Twyla + Teri for the duration of the workshop for any questions, guidance and authentic conversation.

registration information

Unfu*nk Yourself is the photography workshop you’ve been waiting for that will radically transform the pieces of yourself that are so deeply ingrained in how you produce your work. Challenge your beliefs, break your boundaries, and unfu*nkyourself so you can create work that has meaning for your clients and that makes you feel creative and inspired.

Register now for this one-of-a-kind workshop taking place on January 31 and February 1st, 2019.  Only 12 spots available! 

*Please note, registration does not include accommodation or transportation to and from Fort Pierce, Florida. Registration DOES include catered meals during the workshop times.