Do you feel silenced? You know how to shoot, how to use your camera and you’re producing work others enjoy, but does something feel like it’s missing?

Often you have the skills to technically create a shot… but you’ve lost touch with your voice– that inner knowing and intuition that helps you create inspired art that makes you passionate about photography.

The Finding Your Voice Workbook from Twyla Jones will help you revive the flame that has diminished to a spark inside of you. This workbook walks you through 7 parts to find your voice and gain the confidence you need to create the work you’ve been longing for.

The seven parts include an information and story break down, an exercise to get you thinking differently about where you’re at and a challenge to help you break down your own barriers to shooting the way your voice is leading you. Your voice is meant to be loud, to drive your work and to see you shattering your own limits. Reconnect to your voice to create inspired work.

Topics include:
Identifying Your Voice
Shooting Like It’s Your Last
Finding Your Confidence
Noticing The Everyday Magic
Going Big
Overcoming Fear

This guide is over 40 pages long and is filled with exercises and worksheets. This guide is an interactive PDF