April 17, 2020 & April 19, 2020

Are you ready to build your portrait portfolio with photos that evoke emotion? Are you ready to gain valuable insight on how to grow your photography business? Are you ready to achieve your goals, and bring your photography dreams to fruition? Are you ready to get fucking awesome?

Join Amanda Lennon, Twyla Jones, Alexis Fitzgerald and Sarah Greene in Phoenix, Arizona for The Fucking Awesome workshop. This workshop is three days, happening on April 17th, 18th, and 19th. Explore your creativity in new ways, sharpen your skills with posing and natural connections, get insight on how to create emotional images that capture your true artistic style.

Empowering and experienced photographers will be teaching you; hands on! Shooting alongside you, and sharing their insight and knowledge to help you achieve your photography goals and bring your artistic vision to life. You will get an authentic perspective on how they create their art, and their process in making meaningful connections with their clients. This three-day workshop is unique to any workshop you have attended. You will be included in styled family, maternity, engagement, and motherhood sessions at gorgeous desert locations, as well as inside a hip natural light indoor space. You will also learn to embrace harsh light and use it to your advantage at a styled elopement shoot. Meaningful conversations will be shared during an intimate Q&A session, where you will be encouraged to find your voice and be given valuable information to help grow your business and reignite your passion for photography. The workshop will end with a relaxing night of fun. Unwind at an epic pool party complete with margs, games and music that slaps.

After the workshop, you will receive editing tutorials created by the instructors, from images taken at the workshop. Afraid you might forget what you learned once you get home? They’ve got you covered. A videographer will be there to record every class at the workshop. Which you get FOR FREE!

who is this workshop for

  • Photographers looking to build their portrait portfolio
  • Photographers who are in a creative slump and need to be rejuvenated
  • Photographers looking to explore their voice
  • Photographers who want to explore breaking their own self-imposed boundaries to create work that makes them come alive
  • Photographers looking for a safe space to explore their creativity without judgement or shame
  • Photographers who want to dive deeper than camera settings and editing workflows to get to the heart, soul and voice of their photography

the instructors

Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones is a photographer and educator drawn to the dramatic and emotive ways in which people connect with each other and our surroundings. She loves tacos, Radiohead, and creating photographs that do more than serve as proof you existed; they show that you lived passionately and loved madly. Twyla’s love for educating other photographers came as photographers approached her asking her how she creates such unique and emotive work. Twyla takes these opportunities to teach photographers about emotive prompting, finding your voice and looking to the everyday magic to inspire the work you create.

Sarah Ormiston

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a mother of two wild boys, and wife to my super supportive husband. My journey with photography started in 2007. I'm based in South Florida and absolutely love being a photographer on the Gulf coast. My main passion is documenting the love between couples and bringing out authentic emotions during my sessions. I encourage couples to be unapologetically themselves. My brand of photography is laid back, fun and romantic. I can't wait to show you how I direct and pose couples to achieve natural laughter, affection, and interactions that tell their story.

Amanda Lennon

My name is Amanda and I am obsessed with documenting family love. I am 28 years young and the mother of a wonderful 6 year old daughter. My husband and I run our business full time and we travel all over to document families and weddings. We recently found a love for videography and that has been a great journey for us, but my ultimate passion is family photography; for me that starts with an expecting mama. I start by bonding with the children to get the best possible results for my family sessions. I take pride in my ability to really capture genuine and honest connections between family members so every session is unique. With each expecting mama I photograph, I strive to capture her grace and beauty in the most artful and authentic way that I can. I want her to look back at these images and feel like a goddess. I absolutely cannot wait to meet you!

Alexis Fitzgerald

Alexis here, mama of two kids, and motherhood storyteller. I've got a passion for catching those little touches and looks that are sometimes lost in the motherhood march of sleepless nights, tantrums, and diapers. It allows us to sit back and marvel at the tiny hands our bodies made, and embrace the motherhood emotions that fill us to bursting. Motherhood is magical, but sometimes it's hard to feel magical when the best we can do is stay afloat. As photographers and artists, we have an incredible opportunity to use our craft to help a mama see herself for who she is---beautiful, powerful, and more than enough.

Lost Dutchman

what is included

  • 3 days together filled with instruction style workshops, photo sessions, food, laughter, guidance, acceptance and love, all in an environment that will stir your soul and bring you out of your creative rut.

  • 7 styled sessions in 4 unique locations

  • Evening pool party and branding & headshot shoot

  • Endless encouragement from your instructors and your peers

  • Lifetime access to editing videos from the workshop photo shoots recorded by every instructor.

  • Lifetime access to the shooting videos from the workshop

registration information

At The Fucking Awesome Workshop, you will feel inspired, reignited, and challenged in ways that will help make you a better version of the photographer you were when you arrived. It will give you the insight and knowledge you need to restore your creativity and confidence. To create images that evoke emotion and true expression.

Register now for this one-of-a-kind workshop taking place on April 17 – April 19, 2019.  Only 15 spots available!  

Black Friday discount already applied to the price! 

*Please note, registration does not include accommodation or transportation to and from the Phoenix, Arizona area. Registration DOES include catered meals during the workshop times.

price $2500