One on One Mentoring

Mentoring is a beautiful marriage of minds where one person takes the lead and feeds into the other; helping release the restrictions of ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m scared’, providing permission to take risks and trust the process so you can step into your unique creative voice, and offering insight through lived-experience.

MY goal is to meet you where you are, and assist you with what you’re looking to grow in while providing the tools you’ll need to begin creating more authentic and inspired work that is uniquely your own. I share the root of my passion to help you unlock yours so you, too, can create a business that you are passionate about, connect with dream clients, find more freedom in your life, automate your marketing, create the course that you have been dreaming of, develop an education platform or wherever it is that you are stuck. I want to get to know you on a deep level so we can use your inner spark to fuel what you create. I am here to be sure you are connecting and showing up in your business with a clear voice.

Transformational one on one mentoring sessions are one my favorite things to do as a photographer. I remember what it was like to lack confidence in the work I was producing, thinking no one wants the kind of work I long to produce. The day I committed to sticking to what my innermost being was calling me to do was the day I defined my style and began producing work unlike anyone else. Only you can create the images you feel in your soul. I’m here to get that spark out of you. Topics most students choose to cover are listed below.

  • How to safely backup your images
  • Efficient workflow from import to delivery
  • How to develop presets that work for your light and shooting conditions
  • Editing images without presets
  • Editing images taken in harsh light
Client Management
  • Creating session guides and questionnaires to prepare your clients and yourself
  • Creating email templates that works
  • Reaching out and working with brands
  • Workflow from first client contact to booking the date
  • My favorite apps and software to keep all the details together
  • How to photograph in harsh light
  • How to create authentic, emotive images
  • Powerful posing with couples
  • Effortless family sessions
  • Using prompts to guide real emotion from your clients
Scaling your Business
  • Identifying what others would love to learn from you
  • Creating presentations and slideshows that resonate with your audience
  • How to start teaching at workshops or host your own

  • Setting yourself up for successful mentoring sessions

  • Developing a course from passion to profit

  • Learn how to attract your ideal client

  • Launching and growing your email list

  • Determine your brand personality & why it’s important

  • How to get started with Pinterest marketing

  • How to effectively grow your Instagram following

Beginners Photography
  • Understanding your camera settings

  • How to determine your pricing

  • Setting yourself up for success

  • The exposure triangle

  • Getting clear on what you want to specialize in

Office Hours


Let’s get together for a deep dive in personalized education. I will host you for a 2 hour individualized mentoring session where you will learn hands on with me.  Here I dive into all the technical aspects to help your business thrive and focus on you. This can mean anything from creative marketing techniques, editing and custom preset development, to building your confidence and reigniting your creativity so you can begin creating work that both makes your clients happy and fulfills YOU.

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Private Mentoring

6 months of mentoring
2 Hour introductory call
Ten hour long strategy calls
$200 shop credit
Lifetime access to Embracing the Storm ($247 value)

investment cost is $4500

payment plans are available
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kind words


“You are a unique photography educator who is able to speak to the heart of other photographers. She seamlessly levels the playing field for folks and teaches photographers to take control over their own journeys and careers. There’s just so few photographers that discuss meaningful interactions, “what does love look like” and “living in the moment.” It’s refreshing to learn from someone who responds in such a self-reflective manner to photography. This mentoring would be great for anyone who stresses out during shoots, struggles with self confidence or that simply needs a fresh new perspective.”


“Okay. I completely fell in love with Twyla. I was struggling finding who I wanted to be as a photographer, and what direction I wanted to go in and she was immensely helpful!! She went into a ton of detail, and didn’t just teach you ‘one-click-edits.’ She teaches you how to use the program, so that you can learn and grow as a photographer yourself afterwards. That’s the real spirit of community over competition!! I really learned a lot of incredibly valuable information on how to actually edit a photo. By taking time on each image, she really showed you how much she cares to teach. She leaves nothing hidden and rocks left unturned. The work is in the details. If you want to be a successful photographer, this is definitely the way to go.”


“Emotionally stirring. Not just about her editing process and style, but about how she allows her soul to guide her work. This was exactly what I needed to push me into a new year as an artist. She shares her heart and inspires you to follow yours. This is next level information and inspiration. What I love the most is that it doesn’t matter what you specialize in or how long you’ve been doing it…this applies to you. This will help you. This will grow you.  There’s no price tag for this kind of mentoring and knowledge…but I’ll tell you it’s worth every penny! Thank you for sharing yourself with us, you inspire me to be the best I can be and I appreciate you so much!”


“Twyla manages to capture what it feels like to be in love, to be a mother in her photos. Her sessions are both refreshingly different and inspiring. She just gets emotion and her class shows you how to capture that in your work. She’s such a damn nice person as well, roll this with her talent and I can’t think of anybody else I’d rather learn from. Highly recommended.”


“It’s like she was speaking to my soul and urging it to wake. Their coaching  goes deeper and will force you to search within yourself to find your inner voice. If you are going through a dry spell and feeling stuck or uninspired, this is for you. And even if you are in a period of great inspiration, this will take you even further.”


“I cried learning from her! She is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot! I’m just beginning photography and I have learned more than i could even imagine. Trust me, this is so worth it if you are serious about taking your photography to the next level!”