There’s a certain kind of alchemy that happens once the clients leave… We load the files onto our computer, and as each photo begins to load one by one by one we see magical moments immortalized in images of split second joy, love, tenderness and emotive silent stories unfold.

We see the captures and begin to choose our favorites– the ones that really cause a stir inside. These are the ones we will add the extra attention and love of editing to. These are the images which such strong foundational elements they deserve to be polished for our clients to truly do justice to the moments they want to remember.

Editing our images is a necessary piece of being a professional photographer. You can try all you want to create the perfect image without having to take your image into a program like Lightroom, but trust me when I say this, there’s a level of professionalism, polish and enhancement that all photos need to take them from good to great. It’s the great images that cause emotions to stir, hearts to race and memories to come flooding back. The great images are the ones so full of life and full of attention to detail that make your clients sing praises to their friends about how wonderful you are when images from their session are hung with honor on the walls of their homes.

When we edit, we are simply enhancing the capabilities of our cameras and bringing to life the true nature of what we photographed. Truthfully, our cameras are often unable to capture everything exactly the way we see it and a little editing can go a long way to bring details back into the picture, to make the stormy sky look as dramatic as it did the day the clouds were rolling in your clients were right in front of your lens, and to ensure each thoughtfully curated detail is given the attention it deserves. It’s in your hands to align the natural magic captured behind the lens and turn into visual magic in lightroom

I am taking you through my entire editing process from start to finish, showing you each and every little tweak, adjustment and detail as possible so you can learn how to conjure and implement the magic that will put your clients under a spell that will last as long as the heirloom albums being passed down from generation to generation.


Topics Covered:


How to speed up the culling process
What software I use and how I use it
How long I spend on culling
Why, when and how I keep rejects
Choosing the right image for the right reasons
Lightroom short cuts


Direct sunlight
Dappled & filtered sunlight
Overwhelming green tone casts
Hazy sun flare
Twilight & blue hour


Intimate indoor sessions
Direct sunlight
Dappled & filtered sunlight
Overwhelming green tone casts
Hazy sun flare
Twilight & blue hour


Speeding up your editing
How to use the presets effectively
Skin tones – Editing for better skin tones
Tone curve – How it works and how to use it
HSL – How to make the most of it
Cropping – When and why its good to crop
Split toning – How it works and how to use it
Lens correction – When to use it, when to not, and why
Noise reduction – When & how
Adding grain
Taking a good image and making it GREAT
Spot removal tool – A thorough walk-through & live edit
Graduated filters – Surprising uses of filters
Range masking


Staying motivated & getting shit done
All details about what I deliver to clients & how
Access to one of my slideshows to see the finished product
Access to a full family session gallery to see the finished product


Speeding up your exporting
Resizing & exporting for web
Optimizing images for faster website load times
How I deliver my images

Being able to edit photos in a way that nourishes your creativity coming from within is one of the best ways to step into who you are as a photographer and own your voice. We often get overwhelmed with editing and feel at odds with how to create such beautiful imagery– we know we have the tools, we just aren’t completely sure how to use them. We may edit one image to a state of emotive excellence, while the next falls flat and leaves us wondering how in the world we can create consistency.

Through years of editing, I have found what calls me, what works best, and I’ve allowed myself to play in Lightroom with an eagerness to explore and understand the back and forth dance of each tool and feature. I’ve done the work, so now I can share it with you.

In this course you’ll also be receiving comprehensive videos that show you my entire process from start to finish of import to delivery of a session. I’ll be showing you how I enhance the dramatic sky to bring it to life, how to embrace the moment and select just the best image that will evoke the most emotive response from your client and I’ll show you how to add the touches of magic to make the image conjure emotions your client has never felt before. I will take you on a journey of how editing can be streamlined and efficient so you can spend more time taking the photos that make you release the wild within


  • Over 10 Hours of video tutorials
  • 13 Presets for Lightroom

  • Preset Installation Guide

  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Over 40 Lectures

  • Worksheets

  • Email Support

  • Access to a highlights slideshow

  • 1 LIVE group call


So what is the investment?

You can’t put a real price tag on how this investment into your personal and professional development will impact your entire business. This course will build your confidence, give you the space to learn and play, and will assist you on your journey of becoming the photographer you know deep down you can be. This kind of magic is surreal. This is what Embracing the Storm is all about– about stepping into the unknown, bravely embracing the hesitations, and moving forward as you gain more knowledge so you can bring to life the images you know your clients deserve to have.

Registration for the course is $247