There’s no preset for your eye.

It is in you. The desire. The fire. The call to create.
To transfix them with the magic you’ve conjured.

Except your photos aren’t what your eye sees.

They’re lacking the allure, the enchantment, the charm.
They’re flat, silent.
And, worse, they feel like everyone else’s.

The Golden Hour is never long enough and you struggle with imperfect light.

One look at your RAW images and you know the magic is there, but hours in Lightroom leave you frustrated.

You buy more presets but they keep you locked to your computer, wrestling with someone else’s style.

You long to:

  • Break free from the presets and let your individual style shine through
  • Spend more time shooting and (way) less time editing
  • Get paid exquisitely for producing art that makes your heart sing

That’s exactly what Embracing The Storm will do.

This tell-all course will expose the power of Lightroom so you can share your eye with the world.

You’ll be able to:

  • Wield Lightroom with confidence and ease and create art that stirs their soul
  • Fully understand the secrets to quicker editing so you can spend more time behind the camera
  • Escape the Lightroom presets so your work can perfectly express your unique voice

Whether you’ve never opened Lightroom, or you’re a seasoned, preset pro, Embracing The Storm will help you develop more emotive images in less time.

Embracing The Storm: Mastering Lightroom Magic

Module 1

Feeling Exposed

Stirring art starts long before you log into Lightroom. In Module 1, we’ll go over everything you need to do before the very first edit.

  • You’ll master the ability to expose for your conditions so every desired detail remains dazzling while your images stay sharp
  • The 3-2-1 System will ensure lost cards or corrupted files don’t stand in the way of getting your shot
  • Staying organized may not sound sexy – but neither is losing that perfect image. This method will keep your photos in check so you can spend more time with your family and less time searching for lost work.

Module 2

Shedding Some Light

Module 2 will dive into the tools you have at your disposal and how to use them to perfect your work. You’ll cover:

  • Show & Tell Every single module in Lightroom is broken down with screenshots to show you specific examples and explanations.
  • Secrets To Live By Time honored shortcuts that will save you hours and make editing a dream
  • Bringing It All Together This series of watch-while-we-work videos has you sitting in on editing sessions so you can see exactly how these techniques and tools are applied in real time.

Module 3

The Art of Editing

Editing is an art in itself. This is where your eye shines. Watch and edit-along with examples of different lighting, skin tone, and environments to master tricks like:

  • The secret to shooting in harsh light (that has nothing to do with your camera). Because editing can’t save a poorly shot image, this one trick will save harshly lit sessions again and again.
  • How to synchronize your session images to save you hours (and hours) of time so you can create gorgeous deliverables clients remember
  • Customizing your own presets not only further impresses your look, but generates a profit source with the click of a button

Module 4

Finishing Flourishes

It’s all in the finish. In Module 4, you’ll dive into the finishing details of both portraits and process that will set you apart, including:

  • The beauty of combining Photoshop with Lightroom and tips to improve the performance of both
  • The must-have plugin that will save you time and money while boosting your customers’ awe
  • The pro’s process to posting on social media without being glued to your phone. You’ll be able to share your work and live your life.
Embracing the Storm is the step-by-step, show-you-how, won’t-let-you-down guide you need to sink into the heart and soul of Lightroom.
It includes lessons on:
  • Conducting Intimate indoor sessions
  • Shooting in direct sunlight
  • Dappled & filtered sunlight
  • Handling overwhelming green tone casts
  • Hazy sun flare tips
  • Twilight & blue hour sessions
  • How to speed up the culling process
  • Software the pros depend on – and how to use it
  • How much time you should spend culling
  • Why, when, and how to keep rejects
  • Choosing the right image for the right reasons
  • Lightroom shortcuts that rock
  • Speeding up your editing
  • How to make presets work for you
  • Editing for better skin tones
  • Tone curve – How it works and how to use it
  • How to make the most of HSL
  • When and why it’s good to crop
  • How split toning works and how to use it
  • When to (and not to!) use lens correction and why
  • The when and how of noise reduction
  • Adding grain to boost your work
  • Taking a good image and making it GREAT
  • Spot removal tool – A thorough walk-through & live edit
  • Surprising uses of graduated filters
  • The save-the-day power of range masking
  • The art of Portraiture
  • Exporting like a pro
  • Speeding up your exporting
  • Resizing & exporting for web
  • Optimizing images for faster website load times
  • How to easily deliver images
  • Staying motivated & getting shit done
  • What a polished photographer delivers to clients
  • A completed, client-ready slideshow
  • Access to a family session gallery to see the finished product

Embracing The Storm delivers

  • More than 10 hours of video tutorials so you can see exactly how it’s done
  • 13 Presets for Lightroom to speed up your process while allowing you to maintain full, artistic control
  • A Preset Installation Guide because, sometimes, technology needs an easy-to-follow map
  • Exclusive Discounts to save you money
  • More than 40 lessons to cover every inch of Lightroom’s power
  • Downloadable tools to keep by your side so you’re never lost in the editing process
  • Email support for those my-god-what-do-I-do-now moments
  • Personal instruction and answers in the Facebook group so you get the one-on-one attention your business deserves
  • Access to a highlights slideshow so you can see a shining example of next-level deliverables

Embrace the Storm allows you to sit in on editing sessions, speaking directly to you as you edit-along the provided files. It’s like having an expert next to you while you work.

It’s the most powerful way to harness the potential of Lightroom.

I want to Embrace The Storm for $247!
Once you’ve Embraced The Storm, you’ll be able to
  • Pull the emotion to the top of a session and preserve it in light

  • Enhance the dramatic sky and bring it to life

  • Select the perfect image to evoke emotions your clients can’t express

  • Adopt a streamlined editing process that allows you to create the art that is in your soul and share it with the world

How do I sign up for Embracing The Storm?

  1. Click the link above and you’ll be taken to our secure registration page.
  2. Fill out the form and click “Purchase”. Do your dance because you’re IN!
  3. You’ll receive an email right away to provide instant access to Embracing The Storm as well as login information and links to our Facebook group.
  4. Dig in and start creating art that moves you. Welcome to Embracing The Storm.
What's In My Bag with Twyla Jones

Meet The Artist

Twyla Jones is a Kansas born biologist turned photographer, wife, and mom. Her deepest passion is sharing her knowledge with creatives who crave to expose the wild within.

Through years of editing trial and error, Twyla has uncovered what calls to her and what works for her images. She’s experimented with the give and take of Lightroom’s tools to completely understand their potential. And now, she’s sharing their bewitchment with you.

Embracing The Storm is the show-you-how journey from Day One in Lightroom, to summoning the image within and casting it into your work with the click of a button. It gives you the tools you need to shape beauty, capture joy, reflect love. And Embrace The Storm.

Embrace The Storm NOW FOR $247



This course only focuses on creating a workflow for your business from taking the files off your memory cards to exporting them and delivering them to your client. I go through every module in Lightroom and teach you how to create your own presets and visual identity.  In my humble opinion, taking this course in the begining of your career, will creating lasting habits and systems in your company that will save you so much time. 

The beauty of this course is you have lifetime access and your lifetime access includes any and all updates made to this course. I will be updating the course as things change and new information becomes available although the basics are always the same. Rest assured this course will be worth it today, next month, next year and beyond.

The course is delivered online.  The course has video content, reading material and worksheets included.

Embracing the Storm is available all year. You will get the content immediately after you register!

Investing in your business is scary, but don’t let that fear hold you back. I can speak from experience: when I invest in my business, it always pays off.

Embracing The Storm is perfect for the photographer who

  • Is tired of searching for the “magical preset” (spoiler: It doesn’t exist)
  • Wants to be able to simply look at an image and know how to bring it to life without presets
  • Needs to stop working with someone else’s vision and establish their own body of work
  • Is ready to halt the endless hours of editing but still create deeply moving images and more time with their kids
Your next session could leave you frustrated:
  • Boring and overexposed skies

  • Incorrectly exposed images that can’t be saved
  • Inconsistent skin tones that don’t flatter your subjects
  • Hours in Lightroom leaving you with hotel art
  • Files all over the place

  • Computer crashes with no back up system

Or you can sign up for Embracing The Storm and confidently use Lightroom to create images your clients will cherish for generations to come.

You can’t put a real price tag on how this investment into your personal and professional development will impact your entire business. This course will build your confidence, give you the space to learn and play, and will assist you on your journey of becoming the photographer you know deep down you can be. This kind of magic is surreal. This is what Embracing the Storm is all about– about stepping into the unknown, bravely embracing the hesitations, and moving forward as you gain more knowledge so you can bring to life the images you know your clients deserve to have.

I’m ready to Embrace The Storm!