The F-ing Awesome Workshop!!

I'm only teaching one workshop this year and we only have a few spots left so I want to make sure you're there!!!Have you been eyeing the F-ing Awesome Workshop? Maybe you need a little push to help you make the jump? Well, here it is! We're giving you ten reasons to join us this April in Arizona!1) Because there are 4, yes FOUR instructors teaching! That means four different perspectives, techniques, styles, and brains to pick. With Twyla Jones, Sara Ormiston, Amanda Lennon, and Alexis Fitzgerald all in the same location at the same time, you are sure to   leave this [...]

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What are you dreaming about?

Hi friends, Noella here. I haven’t had the chance to meet most of you yet so to make a long romantic story short, I met Twyla 3 years ago. It was serendipitous. Love at first sight you might even say. Her talent, soft voice and long hair caught my attention and my messy hair, coffee stained t shirt and the whispered words “split testing” must have caught hers.  I jumped into her business as a helping hand, here to rescue her, clean up her inbox and get some blog posts up on the website. What she and I both didn’t [...]

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Serving as a Marketing Strategy

Recently I launched my editing course, Embracing the Storm and as part of that launch we decided to throw in a bonus, the bonus was a 1 hour mastermind on marketing. When I was preparing material for the mastermind, I kept thinking about the marketing strategies that I have done in the past, what has worked and what hasn't. I was trying to figure out if I had one big piece of advice that I could give to another photographer that would really take their calendars from lackluster to booked solid. Of course, I have all sorts of little nuggets of [...]

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Digital Packages vs Products

Your story is probably similar to mine. A hobby of photography turned career while I figured things out as I went from editing flows to learning what to charge. It was a trial and error process that has led me to where I am now. Like most, I started photographing clients and handing over galleries so they could pick their favorite images and get them printed at their local print shop or big box printer. The idea of offering limited galleries and prints was foreign to me and it was only as I kept growing my knowledge in this industry [...]

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