Diversity Inspiration Session – Konstantin Halaburda

In this community, we believe in telling stories that matter. It's not just about taking pretty pictures, but it's about capturing the full range of human emotions. We want to be a place that celebrates diverse people from all around the world telling stories that matter to them. In the last few weeks, I've been at awe of some of the art created by our community that's inspired or documenting the Black Lives Matter movement. This moment in history is important to capture – whether it's photographing a protest or something more abstract like the session featured here. Konstantin is [...]

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Self Portrait Inspiration Session with Eva Walther

This powerful self portrait session carries so much power and beauty! These images are raw and honest and vulnerable. Once you see the art Eva created and the story behind the photos, you're going to be inspired to pull out your camera and tripod  (or a friend) and create magic yourself. Even now as you sit on your computer or scroll on your phone, take a second to honor and thank your body. Not because of perfection, but because of presence. Take a deep breath. Remember that you are worthy and your body is worthy no matter what. Listen to [...]

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