How to change the color of anything using only Lightroom!

Hey there! I have another fun little tutorial for you today and it's all about using my favorite tool in Lightroom, the range mask! Check it out below and subscribe if you'd like to be notified about future tutorials....I've got a lot of them coming! You can leave requests for future videos in the comments!

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Transform any photograph into a watercolor image in Photoshop

Today I want to show you how to transform any photograph you've taken into a watercolor image in Photoshop!  These images make great gifts and even upsells for completed sessions that your clients are sure to love! Before you get started you will need a couple of resources: a watercolor paper texture and some watercolor brushes for photoshop.  I found the best of both worlds in this etsy shop.  Once you've downloaded your brushes, just double click the file to load them into photoshop. For my extra visual learners, I've made you a step by step video you can watch [...]

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How to edit a dramatic sky using only brushes in Lightroom

Hey hey!!!  Today I wanted to take you on a little walk through showing how I edited an image in Lightroom to give it a more dramatic looking sky and a bit more of a glowy sun.   The most important thing to keep in mind for an edit like this is to expose for the highlights in the image when you're shooting. Simply put, that means I made sure I could see detail in whatever was brightest in my image when I captured it on the camera. No detail I wanted to see in the final image would be [...]

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