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I’m Twyla! I’m a Kansas born biologist turned photographer and educator. I currently reside on the beautiful east coast of Florida with my husband and two little boys. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and the way I see the world with other creatives.

The F-ing Awesome Workshop!!

I'm only teaching one workshop this year and we only have a few spots left so I want to make sure you're there!!!Have you been eyeing the F-ing Awesome Workshop? Maybe you need a little push to help you make the jump? Well, here it is! We're giving you ten reasons to join us this April in Arizona!1) Because there are 4, yes FOUR instructors teaching! That means four different perspectives, techniques, styles, and brains to pick. With Twyla Jones, Sara Ormiston, Amanda Lennon, and Alexis Fitzgerald all in the same location at the same time, you are sure to   leave this [...]

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What are you dreaming about?

Hi friends, Noella here. I haven’t had the chance to meet most of you yet so to make a long romantic story short, I met Twyla 3 years ago. It was serendipitous. Love at first sight you might even say. Her talent, soft voice and long hair caught my attention and my messy hair, coffee stained t shirt and the whispered words “split testing” must have caught hers.  I jumped into her business as a helping hand, here to rescue her, clean up her inbox and get some blog posts up on the website. What she and I both didn’t [...]

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30 reasons not to postpone your next photography session due to weather

Over on our facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. Our most recent theme was #dramaticskies which just so happens to be my personal greatest inspiration when it comes to locations. The most boring, uninspiring space can be completely transformed with the right kind of weather! I asked for dramatic sky images and this community totally delivered. I also shared a tutorial to help you photograph and edit your images to make the most out of your skies along with a couple of free lightroom brushes I use to [...]

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How to edit a dramatic sky using only brushes in Lightroom

Hey hey!!!  Today I wanted to take you on a little walk through showing how I edited an image in Lightroom to give it a more dramatic looking sky and a bit more of a glowy sun.   The most important thing to keep in mind for an edit like this is to expose for the highlights in the image when you're shooting. Simply put, that means I made sure I could see detail in whatever was brightest in my image when I captured it on the camera. No detail I wanted to see in the final image would be [...]

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How to Install your Lightroom Brushes!

I am absolutely addicted to my Lightroom brushes and filters!  I love added just a little extra something to my images and in lightroom I can do that AND SYNC those changes to a series of images so that my edits look consistent! I’m gifting you two of my very favorite and most used brushes!  One for bringing in dramatic skies and another for a pop of golden, glowy sunshine. If you need help installing your brushes, read on! Step 1 Ok, so to get started, I’m going to need you to download those brushes HERE  Step 2 Next, Go [...]

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How to add Blur to Create a Dreamy Effect in your Images

Twyla Jones Photography  We have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. Our most recent theme was #blurredlines inspired by the dreamy effect created by photographing with my favorite lens the tilt shift. I asked for images photographed with a tilt shift, lens baby, or free lensed and then also shared a tutorial to easily simulate this effect in post production. Learn how to add Blur to Create a Dreamy Effect in your Images by checking that out here if you missed it! Prepare to be absolutely blown away and super charged with inspiration after [...]

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How to show emotion without photographing a face

Twyla Jones Photography This year in my Facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. Our most recent theme was #faceless. This is one of my favorite types of images and I always feel this pictures tell so much more of a story by showing less. I was so overwhelmed by the all of the incredible ways these talented artists were able to photograph their subjects and take my breath away over and over again. We had so many submissions for this theme and I had a really hard time [...]

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