“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” – Orson Welles

Photographers often believe the lie that we need fancy gear, perfect golden hour light, and professional models to make magic. It’s just not true.

What we need is to expand our perspective, to learn how to see art everywhere, especially in our limitations.

2020 gave us some major limitations when we were all told to stay home. Weddings canceled. Shoots rescheduled. Everything was on hold… except our creativity! Maybe this actually was the perfect opportunity to stretch and grow as photographers.

That’s exactly what Kellee Quinn-Lynch did with her Facetime sessions! We are so excited to feature the amazing art she created in quarantine. It’s truly an example of how limitations can make us better.

Tell me a little bit about where you got inspiration for this session and from?

Like so many in lockdown I was starting to feel my creativity waiver. I missed my friends and family and I missed photography. I had seen a virtual session on Facebook and it was such a lovely concept but I wondered how I could fit it in to my aesthetic. Challenge accepted!

My favourite part of these FaceTime sessions is how comfortable everyone has been. So far they’ve only been in peoples homes, they are surrounded with all their belongings and kicknacks and it puts them at ease. Not all my sessions include being nude, but a lot of them have ended up that way lol. Something about being in a safe environment that maybe makes us a bit braver than normal.



What is your fav image and why?


My favourite image from the session is the coloured photo with her head hilted back. It has the painterly feel I want my work to convey. Her hands are elegant and delicate, her gaze is soft.

What did you learn from shooting this session?

I learned that a good wi-fi connection is make or break! During my first session I checked the images were being sent to my photos folder and I watched them happily show up shot after shot. So, I just got stuck into the session and didn’t check them again. Only half ever went through. You need to be as close to the modem as you can… and keep checking your photos are arriving in your photos folder! I also found it a good idea to pause and let the camera phone settle between each shot so you get as clear an image as possible. It’s maybe not as important for those who want more of a documentary, grainy look.

My advice would be to strap your phone to a tin of beans with a hair band so the phone is secure and not wobbling about. We tried tripods, books and a tin-of- something worked best!

I’d love to do more of these FaceTime session with likeminded people around the world, so feel free to DM me on Insta or Facebook with any ideas you have! I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for having me as part of Emotional Story Telling.


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