This raw and real session celebrates the connection between body, mother, and baby. Instead of seeing stretch lines or shame, this is a look at the humanity we share and joy that’s meant to permeate every little part of life. The simplicity of these images will inspire you to remember how much magic can be made simply with bodies. No props. No fancy locations. Not even any clothing. Yet the beauty is still breathtaking.

“Dearest Darlings, our bodies are temples… Reject all of the other narratives that say anything different… This body that beats its sacred and divine rhythm and breathes for us while we buy into an idea sold to us that we need to be anything but ourselves, our bodies still loves us even when we don’t love them. Our bodies are still here my darlings, and they deserve to be our friends and be worshipped, just the way they are right now, keeping us alive , keeping us full of water and air.”

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed

Tell me a little bit about where you got inspiration for this session and from?

I’ve always wanted to do a breastfeeding session especially with my daughter, being a mother of four I knew it was a must for me. My body went through many changes with my four children while carrying them, while giving birth, after birth and the years in between. I try to take the time to talk to my body and use the quiet times to honor and love myself. When I mediate it’s helped tremendously.  It’s taken me until having children to realize the importance of that for not only my own wellbeing but my children’s. The idea of seeing my body beautiful and the natural beauty of breastfeeding has taught me the more I’m around it, the more I take the time to look at it in a profound way, the more I see/feel the true beauty. I thought my bed was the most natural place to take the session since it’s where we do a big part of our nursing.

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed

What was your camera/tripod setup like for these self-portrait’s?


I had my husband take the photos from the top of our bed with strict directions lol. The session was taken late morning from our eastside window natural lighting which was appearing above our bed. I have a Nikon  D800 focal length 50mm f/1.8 when shooting.

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed

What is your fav image and why?

My fav image from this session, which is very hard for me to choose I have a few of them, but the one that warms my heart up every time I look at it is the one where we are laughing. The connection and bounding was captured perfectly as the way we are together.

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed

What did you learn from shooting this session?

I’ve learnt from this session is to stick with as natural posing that makes the connection more real and alive. The lighting settled perfectly on our bodies. Which made the editing touches more focused on them.

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed

Did you struggle with anything during this session?

It was a struggle to not be able to be behind the lens and trying to give direction when you’re not sure what the shot looks like exactly. It was a lot of delegating back n forth.. Made it hard try to keep a natural flow through the session at times when being in the session, but with determination we got some perfect natural shots exactly what I was hoping for.. 

mother and baby breastfeeding in bed mother and baby breastfeeding in bed mother and baby breastfeeding in bedSe