In this intro episode of the Emotional Storytelling Podcast, I’m going to share a little bit about my journey navigating my career as a photographer and educator in spite of having little money and time.  I let you know how I  plan on showing up every week for you and how I plan to bring you the inspiration, motivation and knowledge you need to be successful and do things YOUR way.

I am so excited to be starting this adventure with you and to get to walk your through the creative process of not just me, but many amazing photographers and educators from around the world!

Here’s what I don’t want you to miss from this first episode:

  • Find what works for YOU! Another photographer’s approach might be complete wrong for you. Make sure that you infuse you into your images.
  • Look at your clients and be inspired by them.
  • You are enough, just as you are. You got into photography because you are capable of observing a beautiful moment. You don’t need hours or days of preparation to be able to capture beauty.
  • Your approach is not wrong. Just because something works for someone does not mean that it’s the only successful way to do anything.
  • Allow room for intuition – do what you feel is best while learning from past mistakes.
  • Approach every session like it’s your last. Take risks. Make every session the session of your dreams. Give yourself permission to experiment with clothing, lighting/times of days, posing, and locations.
  • Use your time to learn and grow. Learn about how you work best and what that looks like for you. More restriction can sometimes mean more efficiency.

You can do what you love for a living if you try.

I want to help you be successful in creating art AND stepping into a lifestyle of entrepreneurship. Do you have questions? I’d love to answer them on the podcast!

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