These are the magical moments that make up life – birth, become, love, repeat.

The nature of our jobs as photographers is to capture the essence of life as we see it. We tell the stories that get passed down for generations to come. We freeze those split seconds that we only get to live once. It’s an honor to hold in our hands the power to capture the intangible mystery of life in a collection of pixels and colors and data that somehow moves our hearts.

This collection of images do just that – our amazing community of photographers in our facebook group Emotional Storytelling have contributed their art that connects to this theme: Focus on Moments

In our fast paced, ever changing world, it’s the artists that help us slow down and appreciate the beauty at every turn. These images will move you and remind you of what really matters at the end of the day  – the people you love and the memories you make beside them.


Huge thanks to Fracture for giving away $100 gift cards to their top 3 images from this challenge (winners are the first three images!) It’s an honor to work with them to celebrate the talent within this community.

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