Hey, Business Owner!

How are you? How’s your business?

No, really, we want to know… how’s your business?

Take a moment and answer yourself honestly.

If your business is doing great, amazing! If your business is moving slow, that’s great, too! No matter where you are with the life of your business, there is always room for improvement, room to grow, room to reflect on how far you’ve come and analyze so you can move forward intentionally.

Too often we do things in our businesses because we feel we ‘should do something’… we should start an email list so we toss together a haphazard template in MailChimp and get a newsletter going out regularly at first, then it drops off. Or, we have an idea for a business so we put together an Instagram account, link it up to a Facebook page and think that’s all we need to do to promote our work and offerings.

Can we tell you something…

Not only is there always room to grow your business, but there is also definitely a time and place to look back and assess some of your current strategies– could things be working better? Are you making the most out of certain areas of your business?

What if a mentor could help you do a business audit?

As a mentor, we want to help you go through your business with a fine-tooth comb to see what is working and where the kinks are that need a little extra love to get running smoothly.

There’s a reason ‘business coaches’ are popping up EVERYWHERE these days… it’s nice to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your business and offer insight based on proven strategies they know work! When you look at hiring Twyla or Noella to be your Business Strategy Team, you’re really looking at what we’ve done as a team and asking us to bring that knowledge and success to YOUR business. You’re asking us to impart our knowledge to you and give you the tool you need to implement strategies that will work.

So how does it work?

Well, first, you get in touch with us.

Next, we send out some super in-depth questionnaires.

We’re not pretending we know you, your business and what you’ve been doing. We won’t pretend to know what your goals are and where you want to grow to. We want YOU to TELL US EVERYTHING. The more you share, the more we can help! After that, we research into your company, compare the information on your questionnaires with what we’ve been able to uncover, and put together our focus for your business. 

We meet either once or weekly depending on the package you select and together, we look at your company from another point a view, we look at at your strengths and weaknesses, your competition, your ideal client, your current marketing strategies, your brand, your editing style, your poses and we evaluate what is working and what isn’t and we put together a plan that will help you and your business find the success you have been wanting!

Why is this important?

You are so close to your business… it’s personal. It can be hard for you, being so personally invested, to stand back and critique the things you are doing. When you bring in a mentor to look at your business, you will respect their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions and pair them with your passion for your business to see real change happen. If you trust us and understand that we want to see you succeed, you’ll find mentoring sessions are exactly what you need. 

We want to see you totally rock it. We want to see you be successful because we believe that you are unique and what you are offering can make a difference to the lives of your ideal client. You have passion and heart for what we do, let us help your business reach it’s potential.