Over on our facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on biweekly themes. Our most recent theme was #riseabove. I chose this theme as a reminder to mix up your compositions while you’re shooting to keep things interesting! Explore all your options and that includes getting right on top of your clients! Our features showcase a wide variety of ways to do this from standing on step ladders, using drones and very carefully shooting over cliffs!

This collection of images submitted by our community is next level and a must see for a heavy dose of inspiration before you next session. I’m continually awe struck by the level of talent and creativity I see in our group week after week and it’s such a privilege to be a part of it all and get to share it with you here.

We would love to have you follow along and join the conversation in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling.

For the next two weeks we will we be sharing images under the theme #TheGreatBackyard and it’s all about exploring the world that’s immediately around you and approaching it with a fresh set of eyes. Share your favorites with us and for now, enjoy these moving images of #riseabove


Raelyn Ramey Photography

Love Lake Photography

darla winn photography

Shay Cathleen Photography

Chelsie Thompson Photography

Jill Slagter Photography

KayLa Ruiz Photography

The Dogwood Collective

Britt & Bean Photography

Riley Joe Photography

Tomasz Bakiera Photography

Photos By Hannah

Lucy Turnbull

Enya Van Autreve

Simply Live Photography


Bang Images

Ashley Marston Photography

Suzy Raskin Photography

Vida Images

Dark Indigo

Sherida Rae Photography


Darla Winn Photography

Bang Images

Dark Indigo

Alex Warden Photography

The Greatest Wonders

Cinema of Poetry

Bang Images

Dark Indigo

Jessica Max

The Hancocks Imagery

Photos By Hannah

Cinema of Poetry

Lucy Turnbull

The Sophia Co

My Dear Cactus Photography