Over on our facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on biweekly themes. Our most recent theme was #eyeswideshut. I chose this theme as it’s something I find myself especially drawn to in my own work time and time again. It’s one of my favorite directions to give a client to really help them take in the moment and elevate the feeling of calm and connection in the image.

This collection of images submitted by our community is next level and a must see for a heavy dose of inspiration before you next session. I’m continually awe struck by the level of talent and creativity I see in our group week after week and it’s such a privilege to be a part of it all and get to share it with you here.

We would love to have you follow along and join the conversation in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling.

For the next two weeks we will we be sharing images under the theme #riseabove and it’s all about capturing your subjects from above. We’ve had some incredible submissions already and I’m fairly certain have increased drone purchases heavily!

Share your favorites with us and for now, enjoy these moving images of #eyeswideshut.

Photographer Education

Leila Balin Photography


Jerri Frances Photography

Phoebe Jane Photography

Melissa Ann Photography


Chelsea Stewart Photography

Mae View Photography

Tina Gray Photography

Murielle Cascone

Crystal Diane Photography LLC

Love, Ali Studios

Beginning Light Photography & Film

Steve Dean Mendes

Diana Lubbers Photography

Twyla Jones Photography

Kirsten Maria Photography

Love, Ali Studios

Lucy Turnbull

Dark Indigo

Julia Haus Photography

darla winn photography

Lynda Remus Photographer

Dark Indigo

Maria Griner Photograph

Theresa Sherron Photography 

A. Winter Moment Photography

Melissa Gritter Photo

Dark Indigo

Courtney Garbow Photography

Stacy Ebstyne Photography

Jess Gamache Photography

The Wind and the Sun Photography

Kennedy Dofelmire Photography

Dark Indigo

Lindsey Biza Photography

Chasing Galilee Photo

Paul Wilson: Wedding Photographer

My Dear Cactus Storytelling photo+film

Katie Olsen

Q&A Photography


Bang Images


Aveline Rose Studio

Bree Friesen Photography

Q&A Photography

Anna Syguła Fotografia

Aveline Rose Studio

Vida Images

Katelynn Florida Photography

Sherida Rae Photography

Q&A Photography

Sherida Rae Photography

Little Plum Photography

Asha Rae Photography

Rooney June Productions

The Wind and the Sun Photography

LeAnna Azzolini Photograph

Lily Hannnah Photography

Anna Syguła Fotografia

Renee Stengel Photography