Hi friends, Noella here. I haven’t had the chance to meet most of you yet so to make a long romantic story short, I met Twyla 3 years ago. It was serendipitous. Love at first sight you might even say. Her talent, soft voice and long hair caught my attention and my messy hair, coffee stained t shirt and the whispered words “split testing” must have caught hers.  I jumped into her business as a helping hand, here to rescue her, clean up her inbox and get some blog posts up on the website. What she and I both didn’t know at the time was that our lives would change from that point forward.

If you have ever had the chance to meet Twyla IRL, you would know that she is a dreamer and lover of all things beautiful. When she and I first started to chat about her business and the direction she wanted to take it, she had all sorts of amazing ideas for ways that she could support her community. The problem was that she was only one person and for a dreamer, that’s the hardest part about running a business, wouldn’t you agree? Having all these beautiful ideas but never having the opportunity to implement them. One of the ideas that Twyla came to me with was that she wanted to create courses that would completely change the lives of other photographers.

When I started with Twyla, she was busy just like many of you most likely are.  She was shooting often, mentoring all the time and what little time she had left, was spent loving on her family. She hired me to help bring all her dreams to life.  The first course that Twyla created was Embracing the Storm and the feedback completely blew both of us away. Not only did it change the way a large portion of you were editing but it revolutionized the amount of time you were spending editing! 

That was the moment, we realized that the dream Twyla had many years ago was attainable, real and happening.  We reached out to you and asked what type of problems you were still having in your business that we could help you with and marketing was the next big roadblock that many of you were struggling with. 

We buckled down and together created the ultimate marketing course for photographers.  We didn’t want to just teach about Instagram, or tell you how many times a week you should be posting on Facebook- cause that is lame. We wanted to give you the entire picture. 

Looking at the course now, we realize we got a little trigger happy and maybe included TOO much content but we wanted to make sure we covered all the bases and since marketing really is holistic, it was hard to seperate it. For example, what do you do when you write a blog post? Do you JUST post it on Instagram? NO, you take tidbits and spread it out over several Instagram and Facebook posts, you pin that blog post several different ways to Pinterest and you make sure to send it out to your newsletter list! Don’t forget about optimizing it for SEO and adding call to actions! You see what I mean? It was pretty much impossible to not include everything in this course. 

For those of you who don’t know, before jumping on this adventure with Twyla, I ran a Virtual Assistant and Marketing agency. I also ran a wedding and boudoir studio for almost 10 years. Twyla and I together have so many years experience building businesses, learning hard lessons, failing and falling, making mistakes but the one thing we both know to be true is that when your community tells you they want something, the best thing you can do is listen, learn, serve and solve and that’s what Navigate the Wild is all about.  It’s an accumulation of all of our successes, and the lessons we learned about marketing and building successful businesses. 

At the very core of Navigate the Wild, we are teaching you to be different then the rest, and to really tune into what your clients want and how you, as a photographer can help them. Yes, we give you all the practical tools like Facebook ads, SEO, Pinterest strategies, branding your company, Opt ins and email automations BUT it’s more than that. It’s changing the way you think about marketing. It’s also ( here is the best part) all about automating your marketing because if Twyla has taught me anything in the last three years it’s that automating your work allows you to have more time to be with loved ones, more time to spend serving your clients, more time creating and more time on the beach. 

Here is just a small portion of the content that can be found in the course!

  • Determining your Ideal Client
  • How a brand is SO much more than just a logo and colors ( although we cover all that too)
  • The Golden Rule
  • Using Analytics to craft the perfect strategy
  • The Anatomy of a Website
  • Blogging
  • 5 ways to use your site to BOOK
  • Facebook pages, groups and ads!
  • Using Tailwind to automate your Pinterest
  • Cleaning up your Pinterest profile so it rocks!
  • What is email marketing, how to start and grow your email list and what on earth to send to your email list!

There is just so much more, you gotta register to find out!

Ok, so I didn’t bring all her dreams to life ( sorry Twyla, I couldn’t buy you a house on the beach) but together, i’d say we are doing a pretty good job of realizing her dreams by supporting all of you which obviously makes us happy… like extra giddy, tacos on the beach, no bra wearing, ice cream on a hot day kinda happy. Embracing the Storm and Navigate the Wild are two courses that every photographer should invest in, because they are good… real good and we are confident they will change your life too. 

FOr more information on Embracing the Storm click HERE

Everything about Navigate the Wild can be found HERE

Much love,

Noella xo