Over on our facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. Our most recent theme was #dramaticskies which just so happens to be my personal greatest inspiration when it comes to locations. The most boring, uninspiring space can be completely transformed with the right kind of weather! I asked for dramatic sky images and this community totally delivered.

I also shared a tutorial to help you photograph and edit your images to make the most out of your skies along with a couple of free lightroom brushes I use to add some drama to the sky and some extra glow to your sun. If you missed that tutorial head over here to learn more!

Prepare to be absolutely blown away and super charged with inspiration after you view the images in this post!! Week after week I find myself just gasping at all of the incredible talent shared in our community and consider each and every member my muse in their own unique way.

We would love to have you follow along and join the conversation in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

For the next two weeks we will we be sharing images under the theme #eyeswideshut and it’s all about capturing your subjects with….you guessed it. Their eyes shut.

Share your favorites with us and for now, enjoy these incredible dramatic sky images

Photography Education


The Greatest Wonders

Sashi Hesson | Photographer

Photographer Education

The Greatest Wonders

Photographer Education

Dawndra Photo

Photographers Education

Love, Lucas Photography

The Greatest Wonders

Dark Indigo

photographer education

The Greatest Wonders

Rachel Keohane Photography

Rachel Keohane Photography

Cathy Murphy Photography

Sunshine Photography

Twyla Jones Photography

Mountain Momma Photography

With Eyes Wide

Daryl Maughon Photography

Felicia Doan Photography

Tami Renae Photography

Raphaelle Monvoisin

Lindy Hick Photography

Samantha Hayn Photography LLC

Kristina Kashtanova Photography

Sam Leavitt Photography

Celestine Aerden Photography

Celestine Aerden Photography

Rūta Rylaitė Photography

Suzy Raskin Photography

Laura Lo Photography

Jamye Marie Photography

Roxanne Augusta

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