How I increased sales and worked smarter, not harder, with Pic-Time

A google search of ‘pic-time’ will lead you to pages on pages of photographers reviews on this marketing, gallery hosting and product selling workspace that seamlessly blends workflows with sales. While I, like many others, were skeptical at first, it turns out, I love pic-time, too.

I’ve been using and loving Pic-Time for quite some time now (over a year, actually!) but I wanted to wait to devote an entire blog post of precious online real estate to this platform until I knew 100% that I wanted to promote it. It had to work at great as it said it would, it needed to deliver and let me tell you, it has.

So what actually IS Pic-Time?

Pic-Time is a workspace for photographers offering online galleries, an online store and a built in marketing platform. It’s easy and clear to use for you and your clients, who can download an app and look at their galleries from their phone or their desktop. 

Why is it great for the client?

What I love about Pic-Time for my clients is how easy it is for them to use. From their gallery they can select the images they want to download, send and share. Their access to what they can share, send and download is customizable based on the settings I select so I can tailor each gallery to the package the client purchased. Pic-Time also has a live chat available for your clients to use so if they are having issues with absolutely anything, they don’t need to email you, they can connect with Pic-Time directly to have their questions answered.

Why do I love it?

One of the first reasons I love it is for increasing my sales. When I work with clients we often talk about why they are having images taken and if they are going to want them as products– as a big canvas to hang in their home or as a smaller prints to make a gallery wall out of. This conversation prior to shooting does a few things…

1 – It helps me know what I’m shooting for. If they want one large canvas for their home, they are going to want more family images so i’ll prioritize that time with the entire family. If they want to do a gallery wall they’ll want images of each individual, plus pairings and a family shoot. Again, I can tailor my session to match their needs.

2 – It helps me know which products will be most desirable to them when they are selecting a package. That’s right. Having your packages include products is one way of encouraging sales and often, when someone starts to see their images on additional products, they will want them too.

Pic-Time intuitively automatically places the images your clients interact with the most into the store so a client is viewing the products with their photos! This is probably one of the best features of Pic-Time as it allows the client to really SEE what their products would look like. You can modify the products being offered and you can add your own. 

For albums, Pic-Time has developed a unique algorithm using smart analytics and colour matching that sets up a beautiful base for your clients to view an album from. They can customize their album from there but Pic-Time does the work of helping guide clients into a layout that is going to be visually stunning and does justice to the images you captured.

The marketing integrations are also wonderful and  I can create custom campaigns for clients to encourage more sales at key times like during the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries is a nice perk.

And one of the final reasons I’d like to mention is just that it is clean and simply styled. It’s not cheesy looking, there’s no bright colors anywhere– it’s simple and modern so it works will no matter what your brand is. Having a neutral platform to display my emotive images is crucial to me. I want the impact to be the images and not have the client distracted by the other elements in the gallery. 

Try It

If you are looking for a platform that won’t disappoint, I’d like to encourage you to try Pic-Time. I waited to do this post because I wanted you to know that I’ve been using this platform and it has consistently increased my sales, left a positive impact on my clients who enjoy how easy the platform is to use and I’ve been impressed by how functional to my workflow Pic-Time has been.

If you want a platform that will be the last one you’ll ever switch to, I invite you to try Pic-Time.

Click below to check it out and see if it is something you’d enjoy. In full disclosure, for each friend who purchases to a paid plan, we will both receive one month FREE!

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Do you use Pic-Time? If so, what is your favorite thing about it? If you don’t, what is holding you back from making the switch?

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