Wake up.


Respond to emails.

Keep editing.

Deliver a client gallery.

Respond to emails.

Occasionally shoot clients and connect with other human life.

Back to editing.

The life if a photographer is one that is filled with more time on your own behind a computer screen than connecting with people face to face. The benefit of this computer-bound lifestyle is the ability to set your own hours and prioritize your personal life happenings, but it can also be…lonely. That’s why you need a community.

There is such a benefit to connecting with people in person– to meeting other creative entrepreneurs who are doing amazing work whose energy replenishes your technology drained life force. From meeting with other photographers, to taking a class outside of your creative comfort zone, getting yourself away from your computer and out with other people is a sure way to inspire you, allow you to explore a side of yourself you keep tucked away for special occasions and perhaps even build deep bonds with other kindred spirits. 

why you need a community, twyla jones, emotional storytelling

This intentional connection is one of the many reasons I am so thrilled for Alchemy & Sage. Alchemy & Sage is a transformative photography and business retreat being held in Zion National Park, Utah from November 4 – 7, 2019. If last year is an indication of how incredible it will be this year, you do not want to miss out.

One thing I talk about often, especially when it comes to marketing, is to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to other photographers, models or creatives to collaborate. Through collaborating, you feel more free to push your creative boundaries and actually create work that you want to be showcasing. This is a key factor in finding your creative voice, in learning what sets the wild within free to bring to life the work it is desiring to make and to build relationships that have the potential to propel you forward.

A little bit of networking never hurt nobody. While networking can sound intimidating, getting together with others and speaking openly and honestly about what you do under the white flag of wanting to grow a deeper bond than social media can give you, is what will fuel you in those days when you’ve just been sitting in a dark room behind a screen for hours on end without social interaction. Those you bond with understand you, they can relate, and they can pull you out of the darkness and back into the light of the world with a simple text, call or coffee. 

why you need a community, twyla jones, emotional storytelling

So how does Alchemy & Sage fit into all of this?

One of the best parts of this retreat is the bonds you make with other photographers who come to this retreat looking to gain more skills they can implement into their photography and business, but also who come looking for a community to form intentional relationships with people who ‘get them’. Morning coffee chats overlooking the mountains with someone you’ve formed an instant bond with, late night fireside talks with a group of photographers who share your struggles and stories of overcoming odds, and your fearless leaders there to fully engage with you every step of the way. This is what Alchemy & Sage is all about. The relationships you build in the community could grow into your own workshop and retreat opportunities, creative shoots being planned and a sharing of resources and contacts as you realize you can help your fellow photographer on their own pilgrimage. 

Tickets are available now for this transformative retreat with myself, Chloe Ramirez and Noella Andres. Click HERE to find out more and to register. I can’t wait to see how this experience changes the way you photograph. See you there!