That one word has the power to impact your entire business.

No, I’m not talking about your editing workflow, or how to structure a session with your clients, I’m actually talking about your communication workflow. That is where the REAL workflow starts– before the session, before editing, before delivering.

email templates for photographers

The first time you begin communicating with a potential client your communication workflow begins. This workflow is crucial. How you begin to engage with these eager souls who reach out to work with you will determine if they decide to work with you. You can have the most beautiful images, but if your communication is subpar, you won’t book the client.

So what’s the best workflow to level up your client communication?

What I find works best is curating a selection of emails that can be easily tailored to each client which will lay a foundation of clear communication between you and the client. Curating this selection means you’ll be cutting down on emails back and forth, which means you have more time to focus on the details of their shoot while your client has a more enjoyable, simplified experience that will make them want to have all of their sessions throughout their lives taken by no one but you.

So what emails do you send?

I have a curated selection of 7 emails that are in my CRM, ready to be used throughout my time working with a client. These emails include responding to an inquiry, sending over access to my client portal, contracts, and session delivery. These are just a few of the 7 that I know I always send to each and every client.

What goes into these emails?

When I created these emails, I went through the communication I had with most of my clients to see what was coming up most often. What questions were being asked by clients? What concerns were being brought up? What information was I giving that clients found helpful? From all of this information that makes it into the emails I send to clients, I created the seven foundational emails of communication and include all of the important things I share with each and every client. Things like a clothing guide, information on how to prepare for our session, expectations on when to receive photos and more.

How do curated emails benefit me?

If you’re writing each and every email from scratch, how much time are you spending responding to emails? If you are carefully and intentionally picking each and every word to have an impact and breathe connection, then those emails are taking a long time to thoughtfully put together and a lot of brain power! While I love the idea behind this slow, intentional connection, the truth is a client is only a new client once! The heart and soul you’re pouring into every email you’re sending, to only be seen once by one client, doesn’t make the best use of your time and hard work. Imagine taking your thoughtfully crafted emails and using them as a form to send to everyone! Then all you need to do is personalize the content to suit your client.

email templates for photographers


You know it! You’re easily cutting down on your workflow time at least in half, if not more! Trust me, this has been one of the many game changers in my business that I am so grateful I implemented. Not only that, but I also use Honeybook, a CRM, which automatically triggers my response to an inquiry and allows me to customize the communication for each client for the rest of their time as a client. 

But, how good are curated emails for the client?

This has been the best part– never having clients wait to hear from me. As soon as a client sends an inquiry they receive an email from me thanking them for reaching out and sending them some information on what it’s like to work with me, what to expect, information on rates and more. It allows them to get the information into their hands while they are still excited to work with me.

If you want to dramatically improve your workflow for client communication, start with your potential and current clients! It’s simple to implement and effective and can free up your time to make those in-person meetings so much more valuable. If you’re looking for a little more assistance getting your client communication workflow set up, I have a Communication Guide you can check out here. And while you’re at it, check out this blog post I wrote all about how amazing Honeybook has been to my workflow.