Music to move you.

Music takes you to another world and can draw you into its own environment where inspiration can begin to flow. There’s something really special about a new playlist; hearing new music for the first time that inspires you to feel and dream something new. This ‘something new’ can be something different, something special and it’s so unique that it leaves you feeling refreshed and like you just took a trip to a person’s individual wonderland of magic.


I love listening to music when I’m editing or even when I’m dreaming up new ideas for sessions with clients– putting together outfits and finding new locations. Music is the way I connect with the depths of my inner soul so I can produce work that is inspired. To me, the two go hand in hand.


Today I want to share with you my favorite playlist for editing, dreaming and scheming. This is my go-to playlist for everything. When I put this playlist on while editing photos, I am in a trance and I can sit there for longer than I would have expected at my screen while my music elevates the mood so I can keep on editing. When I’m curating a shoot with a client, pulling wardrobe and selecting the location, this playlist keeps me from selecting the same old and encourages me to lean into my wild within urging me to try new things and find new levels of creativity. 


I even share this playlist with clients to let them listen to it while they are preparing for their shoot– picking outfits, driving to the session and even to enjoy while looking over the delivered memories in the form of photographs they will cherish forever.


Take a listen to my Dreamy playlist on Spotify featuring some of my favorite artists including Bon Iver, alt-J, Radiohead and Jose Gonzalez.


Here’s the official music video for Holocene by Bon Iver, one of the songs on the playlist. The music video itself is so inspiring. Share a link below to your go-to playlist and let’s use music to inspire our peers.


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