The Self-Care Movement has been all over Instagram lately– from clever quotes designed flawlessly being reposted by everyone. It seems you can’t pop into any form of social media these days without seeing a multitude of posts boasting on the importance of self-care rituals, treating yourself after project sprint to completion, or just because it’s #selfcaresunday.

I love self-care… well, the idea of self-care. The reality is, especially as an individual who works from home, self-care can be difficult to come by. The constant pull to sit at your desk for ‘just a few more minutes’ which can easily mutate into an hour, the mentality of needing to hustle because it’s all on you, and even the simple concept of actually enjoying your job can make self-care a beautiful thought you wish you could find a way to implement.

As someone right here with you, I want to share how I’ve been able to incorporate self-care into my life. While it doesn’t always look as glamorous as petal filled soaker tubs and a day spent away in the most serene location, it’s the small moments of self-care seamlessly woven into my day which refreshes, energizes, and calls me to a better mindset.

1 – Multitask

This seems counter-intuitive. I’m sure as soon as you read the word ‘multitask’ your mind said to yourself, ‘Isn’t that the opposite of self-care?’. I used to think that, too, until I discovered the magic of mixing one mindless self-care task with a productive, work-related task. My favorite combination to date has been my treadmill desk. I pulled my treadmill into my office, securely attached my laptop, and voila! I was managing to get in some exercise which is known to reduce stress and release serotonin, making me feel motivated and focus on the productive task at hand.


2 – Spruce up your office

Self-care is really just taking care of yourself and while this does, in the end, look different for everyone, working in a space that inspires you is like visual self-care. My current office feel is more tornado than Pinterest, but I love it. Being able to look around and see the gorgeous dresses I put clients in, camera gear and photo shoot props inspire me. Every time I look at one of those dresses I am taken back to the moments clients have worn them, felt gorgeous, and then received the images back which left them in awe. These reflective moments spur on creativity of new ideas for shoots and I find my creative soul feels fed.


3 – Put away your phone

My husband and my children deserve my full attention and spending time with them away from all aspects of my business truly feels like self-care to me. If we go the beach as a family, if Gary and I are watching a movie, or if my boys and I build a blanket fort, I commit to being as present in the moment as possible. It’s important for these relationships to flourish and turning my perspective of my time spent with them as self-care has actually changed how I spend my time with them. My phone goes away and I remain engaged in the moment.


4 – Celebrate

When you work hard, when you give your all to a session, treating yourself is well-deserved. A job well done, the completion of editing a session that was beginning to feel daunting or simply because you finished the week is worthy of celebration. Celebrating can mean buying yourself a small bouquet of flowers, going for a massage, or picking up your favorite treat from a bakery. Find what celebrating means to you and make it part of how you look at the finish line!


5 – Enjoy the little moments

There’s a mentality that the items and products we use daily don’t hold the same weight as those we use for special occasions. Bring those special occasion teas, treats, perfumes and candles, and even clothing into your daily life for an extra dose of self-care at every sip, nibble, smell or look. Sipping on your favorite tea or coffee during a work day gives you a chance to have a ‘ahhh’ moment of joy at every taste. Lighting your favorite candle means your entire space will be filled with a smell that brings you a sense of fulfillment without having to do anything other than breathing.


Self-care is defined as any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Be deliberate in what you do. Then allow those moments to become routine so they are part of your daily life. You’ll feel more at peace with yourself and those around you, be ready to overcome the challenges which will inevitably come your way, and you’ll be more present with those you surround yourself with.